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  • Jamu Traditional Spa founded in Bali, Indonesia 1988. Small, intimate and luxurious Jamu Spas in Bali are gems of immeasureble value, dedicated to the healing therapies and beauty rituals found in Bali and the tropical island of Indonesia. Jamu, the essense of Indonesial life, honors the passage from birth to old age, by creating sancuaries to provide our guests with the best our creator provides.
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Spa Retreats – The Oberoi, Bali

Relax your mind, body and soul with the Oberoi Spa Retreats.

Ranked amongst The Hot Spas Of The World, Oberoi Spas offer holistic therapies and massages based on Ayurveda, Thai, Balinese, Hawaiian and Western techniques. The spa is exquisitely detailed and designed to envelope you in serenity, with soothing colors and aromas, fabulous views and a natural and fresh ambience.


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